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Name: Mohamed Shabeeb
Nationality: Saudi
Birth Place: Qatif


  • 1985, Diploma in Architectural and Commercial Photography, Switzerland
  • 1986, Diploma in Portrait and Commercial Photography, New York
  • 1993, Lighting, Food and Jewellery Photography, Switzerland

  • Awarded twice by the New York Institute of Photography for outstanding pictures.
  • Won prestigious awards from Bahrain Photo Club in 1993 Received numerous prizes from Photographers' House, Saudi Arabia in 1996 - 1997 was awarded certificates for 3 Pictures by FIAP in China
  • Winning photograph from FIAP, Switzerland in 1999

  • First personal exhibition in Al Khobar Meridian Hotel, 15 December 1988

  • Joint exhibition in Bahrain Association for Fine Art, Photographing Club, Jan 1989

  • An exhibition in Oberoi Hotel in Damam on the occasion of the Fifth World Cup, 3 March 1989

  • My second Personal exhibition in Qateef, Saudi Arabia. 1991

  • An exhibition about the progress witnessed by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Montreal and Toronto, Canada in the Kingdom Between Today and Yesterday exhibition in 1992

  • Joint exhibition in the American Embassy in Riyadh in July 1992

  • Joint exhibition in House of Photographers in Jeddah, 1993

  • Two Joint exhibitions in Bahrain Association for Fine, 1994

  • My third Personal exhibition called (Land of the Kingdom) in Bahrain, May 1995

  • Participation in 12 exhibitions held by the House of Photographers in Jeddah during the period between 1993-1996

  • Exhibiting many photographs about the progress of the Kingdom within the (Kingdom Between Today and Yesterday) exhibition held in Ashpelia in Spain for Six months

  • Joint exhibition with the House of Photographers in Andorra while representing the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the 23rd conference of the Federal International Art Photography (FIAP), 1995

  • Joint exhibition with Abbas Al Mousawi from Bahrain about Earth And Peace In Oman, March 1995

  • Joint exhibition with Abbas Al Mousawi about Earth And Peace in Germany, 1995

  • Joint exhibition with Abbas Al Mousawi about Earth And Peace in Geneva, 1995

  • Judging and participating in the exhibition in a contest organized by the House of Photographers in Al Rashid Complex in Al Khobar

  • Joint exhibition in Russia with the Bahrain Association for Fine Art in 1997

  • And lot of exhibitions from 1997 - 2008 in Saudi Arabia
  • Member of FIAP, Federal International Art Photography

  • Member of Photographers' House in Saudi Arabia

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